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Chap. 12 “Better Together”


Chapter 12: “Better Together”

Cody: Hey girl! 

Me: Codyyyyy! I’m so happy that you’re finally here!!!!!

Cody: I’m simply happy to see you

We hugged during one hour on my bed. This is so simple. So easy when he’s here, and so hard when he’s away… I wish he could be here for eternity, but i know this isn’t possible.. He got tours, fans, interviews, radio.. I don’t really like when fans are around him… Jealousy is taking the control of me.. it’s normal! It’s like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, i understand the jealousy of Selena. Girls are hugging my boy, it’s… kinda, rude for me. But, babe is loving his fans, and it’s normal, it’s his fans, his property. He loves them so much! Today will be a big day, presenting Cody to my family. We make out a lot in my-… in our bedroom. It’s our now. Cody will be at my home for one month. So i will enjoy this month a lot!



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Chap. 11 “Don’t Cry Your Heart Out”


Chapter 11: “Don’t Cry Your Heart Out”

We didn’t talk to each other for a long time. I need to call him, now this idiot break up with me, and call other girls. 


Cody: Hello?

Me: Cody, it’s me… i realized that i need you… he was just an assh*le, you are the good one, and i hurt you… this wasn’t supposed to happen… I promise you that-

Cody: Hey! my love! don’t cry your heart out! Babe i’m here, and whatever happens, i’m still here. I waited your call for so long… now that you’re here, i promise that nothing will get off my arms off of you!

Me: Aww Cody! So when can you come see me?

Cody: Well… i didn’t think about this for a second… i’m in a new tour… 

Me: Do you finish it-

Cody: I’m kidding babeeee! I’m coming tomorrow; get ready! I Love You. Goodbye.

Me: Bye, my love!


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Chap.10 “What You Want”


Chapter 10: “What you want”

-From: Cody Simpson // To: Me

I’m coming back tomorrow. We’ll have a big talk.

The next day, he’s at my home.

Cody: knowing that he kissed you…

Me: Cody… it’s.. it’s official now!

Cody: oh damn! i cant believe you!

Me: I had no choices, you weren’t here anymore!

Cody: i cant believe you took it there!!!

Me: Sorry Ba-… Cody.

Cody: did he run his fingers through your hair??

Me: Cody.. Me and him did all that we did…

Cody: why’d you let him steel that kiss?!

Me: Because… i don’t know…

Cody: i thought you loved me!!!


Cody: im on my knees, i thought no one could stop us.

Me: this long separation stopped us…

Cody: and i forgive you for what you did! let me handle this babe….

Me: Cody don’t call me ‘babe’ please!

Cody: tell me his name! I never thought you’d cheat on me…

Me: I didn’t cheat on you, in my head, we weren’t dating anymore!

Cody: forgot everything you promised me, forgot everything that you texted me..

Me: Don’t forget anything… 

Cody: you’re doing things i’d never thought you’d do… october leaves are changing like they do!

Me: I know…

Cody: all these girls are calling up my room! And one of them was you, now its 1 am… damn i need to cool off!!!!!


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Chap. 9 “Evenings In London”


Chapter 9: “Evenings in london”

I’m calling Cody. It’s been two months i didn’t had any contacts with him.

Me: Hello? Cody? Cody when you’re coming home? I miss you. When you’re coming home? Hello? Cody? Hello???

He didn’t answer any of my SMS. Any of my messages. Any of my phone call. 

Three months later.


Cody: BABE?

Me: Hello?

Cody: Ba-

Me: Hellloooooooo? 

Cody: Bab-

Me: So sick of phone jokes!

I hung up the phone. One month later, i receive a letter. From the mail.

-From: Cody Simpson  // To: Me

Babe i miss you, here in london, i miss you so much, i need you by my side, i know i didn’t contact you, i hope everything’s alright! Babe i miss you, i’ve got nothing to do in this tour if you’re not with me, by my side, in my arms.

-From: Me  // To: Cody Simpson

I miss you too. You didn’t call me. This is the first letter in 6 months from you that i received. The first contact. Six months passed out! Don’t… please don’t call me babe anymore… I met someone….


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Chap. 8 “Angel”


Chapter 8: “Angel”

After this beautiful night, before i go, back to home, Cody wants to take me surfing. We surf all day. His little brother Tom, his sister Alli, and Matt Graham showed up this afternoon. We chilled at the beach. While seeing Cody surfing. He teached me to surf. It was pretty fun!

When the time for me to go comes….

Cody: I really don’t want you to go..

Me: Me too, but you know, i need to get back home! School will start, and i need to go to school! You know… i’ll keep seeing you videos on Youtube. Looking at your pictures on Tumblr, Facebook and Google. And if i have the chance, i’ll buy a meet&greet.

Cody: Well… i guess we have no choices… And i need to finish my tour. My next location is London. It’s so far away from here. So far away from you. I’m sad, i love you, ya know?

Me: Yes babe, i know it, but we knew this day will come…


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Chap.7 “You’re Perfect”


Chapter 7: “You’re Perfect”

Cody put the driver out of his tour bus. He needs some air, like he said. I sit on the couch, and Cody is going to look himself in the mirror. He don’t like what he sees. I really don’t know why, he is so beautiful, so perfect.

Cody: Sometimes i feel like i’m not as best as i can.

Me: Cody, you’re perfect.

I put myself in front of him, and hug him.

Cody: You help me to go through the day, babe.

Me: I love You.

It’s the night, and i don’t have my hotel room anymore. I told it to Cody and he said i could sleep in his bed, and he’ll sleep on the couch.

Cody: Love Ya Babe!

Me: Babe… can i sleep with you?

Cody: For sure! Come with me.

I’m lying in bed with him, my head on his chest, my hand is on his belly. He plays in my hair. He puts me on him. I’m starting to kiss him. 

Cody: Wait babe, I prefer to sleep.

Me: Why?

Cody: I desire you. 

Me: What? Desire me?

Cody: This is why i prefer to sleep. Good night babe.

Me: No babe, make me love.

Cody: What? No.

Me: Babe, i want you to make me love, i desire you!

Cody: *sigh*

He get off gently my shirt. We start kissing. He get off his shirt. We’re cuddling while kissing. He get his pants and his underwear. I get off on my own my brah, my pants and my underwear. I feel his skin, on mine, this is so precious. His breath on my neck. For the first time, i feel unique. I feel loved.


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Chap. 6 “Crazy But True”


Chapter 6: “Crazy But True”


Me: Hello?

Cody: Heeeeeeey!

Me: Cody, it’s 8 O’clock in the morning, can you call later?

Cody: Nope, cause we’re going to restaurant for the lunch!

Me: Okay, where do we meet?

Cody: In front of your hotel!

Once i finished to get prepared, i’m going downstairs. Cody’s here.

Cody: Hey babe!

Me: Babe?

Cody: Well… Let’s go..

Cody and me are talking about everything. He’s talking about his family, Australia, Surf. And strangely he said that he loves Bowling. “We’ll go play Bowling someday”, he said to me. I accept.

Me: It’s so crazy… last month i was looking at your pictures on Google and now look at where i am… in your tour bus talking with you!

Cody: But it’s true! Everything’s real. Take my hand.

Me: What? Well.. okay.

I took his hand. He look into my eyes, his aqua-green eyes are so beautiful. He put his other hand on my arm. His finger is climbing my whole arm, his hand is on my shoulder, then is on my hair. Cody plays with my hair, and then his hand is right on my cheek. The feeling that we had at the ‘Not Just You’ song, is back. I got a sudden desire to kiss him. 


Cody: Hum… thanks.

Me: Thank you.

In the restaurant.

Cody: I really love you.

Me: Stop Cody, you said this to my bestie, and all the other fans.

Cody: I love them, like fans, but i love you, like a girlfriend. I promise.

Me: Cody, please….

He gets up from his chair and come to me.

Cody: Take my hand, and let me take you away from here.

Outside, it’s pouring. I hope that it could be as in the movie… but i think it wouldn’t be like this. Once outside, but are all wet because of the rain. 

Cody: Jump on my back! haha

So i did. He carries me around, and then put me down.

Cody: You’re not as tall as me, eh?

Me: No, haha, i’m not

Cody: Do you want to be?

Me: I wish i could!

Cody put me as tall as him. He took my legs and put them on his hips. I then put my hands around his neck. He then kissed me. It was long enough to get that tingling in the tummy sensation, but short enough to leave me wanting more. It’s a gentle, lingering touch of the lips…a hesitation on both parts as they touch, as if both are taking the time to memorize the feeling before they part. It was magical. Cody then kissed me on the neck, many times.

Cody: I love you.

Me: 143.


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Chap. 5 “Feel So Close”


Chapter 5: “Feel So Close”

I get out of my room, go downstairs, and open the principal doors. Cody’s there, waiting for me.

Cody: I thought it could be a nice idea to ki-… to see you before you go. Can you just tell your parents to stay one more day? 

Me: Wait, i’ll call my parents.


Me: Mom, can we stay one more day?

Cody: So what’s the answer?

Me: I can!!!!!!

Cody approach is lips to kiss me, but i turned my head. Finally he kissed me on the cheek. He hugged me.

Cody: If only you knew how i feel so close to you right now…


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Chap. 4 “Got Me Good”


Chapter 4: “Got Me Good”

The concert is finished. I going back to the hotel where me and Lorie are sleeping. My parents are in another room. I talk to Lorie about this strange feeling i had with Cody. It’s like, we fell in love, but we don’t know each other! 

Me: I swear i’m not lying! It’s like… love at first sight!

Lorie: You read too much romantic stories. Too much romantic movies. He’s a singer, and in the song ‘Not Just You’, he is supposed to serenade his fan! Think about it twice!

Me: Common! You’re my bestie, you, you’re supposed to believe me. And Cody is not SUPPOSED to kiss his fan!

Lorie: But he didn’t! 

Me: Okay, if you dont wanna believe me, it’s your problem, i’m pretty sure it’s the same thing for him. Good night!

The next morning.

I put the hoodie i wore yesterday in my suitcase. A paper fell from it. Let’s check this out. It says: “Love ya. It was the first time i felt that. I never felt this feeling before… So, this is my cell phone number (***). Call me, 143. -Cody”

Me: LOOOOOORIE! Check this out!! A paper from Cody. I’m right, you’re wrong. I’ll call him someday. What about.. RIGHT NOW?

Lorie: Do whatever you like, date whoever you love. I got your back

Me: Thanks, bestie.

*Driiiiiiiiiing…. driiii-*

Cody: Hello?

Me: Cody?

Cody: Oh it’s you! Finally! I thought you’d call me yesterday! 

Me: I only found this paper this morning

Cody: Better than nothing! Are you at your home?

Me: Nah, still at the hotel. But i’m going back home in 30 minutes.

Cody: Well… we have time.

Me: Time for what?

Cody: Come in front of your hotel.

Me: How you knew it where my hotel was?

Cody: I have some secrets ya know?

Me: Cody, you got me good!

NEXT CHAPTER: “Feel So Close”

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Chap. 3 “Not Just You”


Chapter 3 “Not Just You”

Cody: * whispering * this girl …

He points at me. The guards come in front of me.

Cody’s guards: congratulations, Not Just You Girl.


The lights dim. We hear the background music of ‘Not Just You’.

Cody: Darling, I know your heart seen better times …

Me: What? it can not be true!

Cody: I know our songs HAD better rhymes …

The tears begin to flow down my face. He comes to me. He wiped my tears with his fingers. He kneels, kisses the top of my hand, makes me a wink, and rises up. While continuing to sing, he comes after me, abuts his head on my shoulder and slides his hands gently on my arm, then on my stomach. He gives me a kiss on the cheek. Cody comes in front of me, motioned me to get up from my stool. So I did. Cody puts his hands on my cheeks, gently approach his lips to mine. I only see him. I close my eyes. I feel his breath against my skin. This is so sweet. The fans start to shout: “aaaaaaaah” and “ouuuuuh”. It’s embarrassing. Cody stepped back. He continues to sing, waving his hand in the air, and asks me to do the same.

Cody: Sorry, I got carried away.
Me: Oh Gosh, no problem!! 

NEXT CHAPTER: Chap.4 “Got Me Good”

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